SGR | Valentine's Day Edition 


Happy [almost] Valentine’s Day!

We know that this day can be laden with expectations - some expressed, some not. You may hope for chocolates, roses, gifts, or romance - signs and symbols of love from your partner. If things don’t go as you’d hoped, there’s a lot of room for disappointment. You may feel unloved, not thought of, or unimportant.


If your partner doesn’t celebrate the way you’d hoped, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you, you aren’t important to them, or they don’t think of you.

It does mean that their vision for how to celebrate was different from yours. It means there should probably be a bit more communication around how you, as a couple, honor and celebrate holidays.

We are dropping in today with this episode to help you prepare to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We’re sharing our top tips for how to make it simply great. We’re talking about:

  • Why should we celebrate Valentine's Day?
  • Expectations vs. Reality
  • Turning up the romantic connection
  • Meaningful Valentine's Day gifts

We’ve hand-selected some of our favorite past bonuses to help create more connection with your partner and turn up the intimacy on February 14th. Be sure to download them below.

If things don’t go as you’d hoped and you don’t feel you can resolve it on your own, let us help. The quickest way to a Simply Great Relationship is to work directly with us. Send us an email at or call/text us at (914) 440-4814. You can also visit our website at and submit a request there.



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