Meredith Silversmith, MA, LMFT


Meredith Silversmith

Over the past six years, I’ve worked with over 100 couples.

I’ve had the opportunity to support, empower, and teach these couples how to be happy together again. So many were simply missing the tools needed to create the relationship they wanted. They didn’t know the “rules” of healthy communication, fighting constructively, and repairing the breaks between them.

Most partners entered into their relationship with specific expectations of what it would be like, how they’d spend their time, and the ways in which their partner would show them love. Often, this was unspoken - which led to chronic conflict and feeling disappointed.

Relationship coaching provides me the opportunity to work with motivated couples in a powerful way. My focus is on helping my clients move forward quickly and effectively through assessment, education, concrete strategies, and accountability.

When you understand why couples fight and how unresolved conflicts snowball into deep resentment and unhappiness, you’re able to help reverse it. I believe teaching the underlying principles allows each partner to trust the process and invest in making changes. I ensure my clients understand the “why” before I ask them to do things differently.

I love working with couples. I love helping my clients identify specific steps they can take right away to positively impact their relationship. I often encounter couples who believe things will never be the way they once were - and am thrilled to show them that doesn’t have to be the case.

We are currently together for 18 years and married for 11 years with three children. We met with Meredith about two years ago. It was the best decision we made for our relationship. Although the first few sessions were difficult because we had to share our relationship issues, we worked through them with her and looked forward to meeting with her each week. She was always kind, positive, supportive, and open minded. She always saw both sides and helped us to truly understand each other. She gave us helpful advice and tools to deal with conflict, which we still use today. We communicate better and resolve our arguments faster. This has created a healthier environment for our children and we are better role models for them. We are so grateful to Meredith and would recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their relationship with their spouse.
— Stacy C.
After my partner and I tried to do things on our own and failed miserably, I decided to go see Meredith. She was very attentive and made the process very easy and comfortable; she designed exercises that pertained to our actual situation and did not take a one size fits all approach, which made us very happy. She provided an environment that enabled us to talk openly about issues that plagued our relationship, no judgments or pointing fingers, unbiased and safe. On many occasions, my partner and I used the time to really let each other know how we’ve felt regarding situations that had happened during the course of the week that we didn’t really know how to say on our own. If you are going through something with your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend, Meredith is your person. Just be open-minded to the exercises, you may not always understand them, but they will work wonders.
— Andrew R.


>> Clarity on the stumbling blocks in your relationship and concrete strategies for how to overcome them for good
>> Actions you can take immediately to improve the feel of your relationship (it’s easier than you think)
>> An understanding of how to stop chronic conflict in its tracks
>> Tools for resolving disagreements without having a blow-out argument
>> A specific plan for having more fun and deepening your friendship
>> Having your needs truly heard, understood, and valued by your partner

I’m so glad I decided to see Meredith. She truly understood me and offered ideas to help me through a difficult time in my relationship. My boyfriend (now husband!) was hesitant, but instantly felt at ease during our sessions. Meredith has a quality about her that makes you feel comfortable; more like talking to a close friend or family member. She exponentially changed the way we communicate and listen to each other. I can surely say that my relationship is better because of the time we spent with Meredith!
— Olivia T.


>> 3 months of personalized, private coaching support
>> A comprehensive, research-based relationship assessment with feedback
>> 4 - 1 hour coaching calls per month
>> Custom weekly homework assignments
>> Access to a variety of relationship resources and tools
>> Email support between calls (during business hours)
>> First access and a discounted rate for any group coaching or workshops that launch while you’re an active client

Thank you so much again for all of your help! We really appreciate all you did with us. We are in a really good place today. You are the first and only person I will call in the future.
— Melissa K.