SGR 033 | Six Common Relationship "Problems" That Are Actually Normal

It’s really hard when you come away from a conversation with your partner feeling upset or angry. When you feel like they don’t understand you at all and you will never come to an agreement.

Fears can arise. Your thoughts may start to jump from one worry to another...

Are we not on the same page?

Why are we arguing so much?

Are we having sex often enough?

Does my partner still love me?

With these negative thoughts comes emotional escalation. You get triggered. You get overwhelmed. And you react.

What if we said you didn’t need to worry so much? That this “problem” was actually a normal part of all healthy relationships?

Our guess is you wouldn’t have the spiral of worrisome thoughts. You probably wouldn’t get flooded and lash out at your partner. Most importantly, you’d have the mental bandwidth the constructively work through the issue at hand collaboratively with your partner.

This week we’re saying just that. There are six super common relationship “problems” that aren’t problems (unless they reach a certain level). We’re sharing these with you today, as well as the signs that perhaps they are inching towards the danger zone - and how to pull things back.  Can you guess what they are? You’ll have to listen to find out...

We’ve hand-selected our favorite bonuses from previous episodes to help you master these six “problems” and move your relationship towards growth, empathy, and connection.

If these feel familiar and you’re struggling to navigate them successfully, let us help. The quickest way to a Simply Great Relationship is to work directly with us. Send us an email at or call/text us at (914) 440-4814. You can also submit a request here.



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Show Notes:

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Short on time? Here’s a list of today’s topics and when to listen:

How these normal aspects of a relationship become categorized as “problems” - 2:58
#1 Disagreeing - 6:48
#2 Sometimes doing things you’d prefer not to do - 11:28
#3 Going through a sex drought - 16:09
#4 Feeling sad or angry bc of something your partner did - 20:39
#5 Wanting to spend some time on your own or with friends - 25:32
#6 Butting heads about major life decisions - 29:31
Meredith and Marina’s takeaways - 34:34