SGR 032 | How to Overcome "We Just Grew Apart"

It’s been more than “just a few” months since your last date night. All those rituals of connection that you used to love - movie night, taking showers together, going for Sunday morning walks - have fallen off one-by-one.  You’ve both been busy… it’s probably just that. You know, life gets in the way. You feel like roommates - squeezing past each other in and out of the bathroom in the morning and then at night one of you collapses into bed and scrolls through Facebook, while the other stays downstairs and watches TV.

Is this permanent?

You’ve been feeling disconnected, frustrated, and unseen for some time now.

Is this what your relationship will look and feel like forever?

It’s supposed to, right?

It’s that “we just grew apart.” That’s normal. When you’re together for years, eventually this just happens. It’s a part of the relationship life cycle, right?

No! You are not cursed to live out the rest of your relationship life in this way.

On this week’s episode, Marina is interviewing Leah Williams, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, about the myths and realities of growing apart. They’re covering:

  • How to know if you’ve grown apart
  • Common times in life when you can feel like “we just grew apart”
  • What happens if you don’t do anything about it
  • How to reconnect effectively

Leah also made a great bonus - The Quick and Effective Guide to Reconnection - that has steps you can take today to start rebuilding that connection with your partner.

If this hits really close to home and you’re struggling to reconnect, let us help. The quickest way to a Simply Great Relationship is to work directly with us. Send us an email at or call/text us at (914) 440-4814. You can  also submit a request here.



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Show Notes:

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Short on time? Here’s a list of today’s topics and when to listen:

How to know if you’ve grown apart - 2:38
Common times when this is more likely to happen - 6:05
Why it matters - 11:47
How to connect effectively - 35:15
Leah and Marina’s takeaways - 37:22